#The Edit- Current Makeup Favourites-

    It’s been a while since I last updated you guys on my daily makeup and although I wear the same products on a daily basis I have been sneaking a few new beauty products in the last couple of months into my stash. During the colder months my skin craves moisturising products and I like to use highlighters to bring my skin back to life.

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    #The Edit- January Favourites

    I am so excited to be writing this post as we have finally reached February *cheers* and I feel this past month I have really been shopping my stash and trying to finish up some products before purchasing more. I actually found some products that have been sitting in my stash for a while and this month I got to really play with them, do you get this? Hear me out on some of my highlights for this month…

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    #The Edit- Four Repurchases Worth Making

    I thought today I’d talk about repurchasing products and for me if it ends up in my hands time after time then it definitely says something about the products. I feel that I have got into a comfortable routine with my products and I probably mentioned I got enough products to last till 2099? Oh well if you love something you will buy multiples eh? Here are five repurchases I have made time to time and I would highly recommend all of these!

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