#The Edit- Top 3 Fragrances To Carry Through Autumn/Winter

    I have been meaning to do write this post for ages as I have been enjoying more warmer scents for a few months now and it gets me into the mood for layering up and keeping cosy. I know this might sound like strange but I have quite a sensitive nose which means I can smell scents and different notes better so I can pick up what I like and don’t like quite quickly…

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    #The Edit- Stocking Back Up Favourite Beauty Bits

    Hands up who’s got enough beauty products to pass on to their children and grandchildren? *me and I think a lot of you too*. I go through phases of picking up multiple beauty bits because either it was a better deal or just having a shopping spree. Now I do have a “backup pile” which to be fair I have run down to the ground in the past couple of months so I thought it’ll be time to stock back up. I wanted to do a separate post on autumn/winter bits and just focus on beauty items I recently reunited with…

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