#The Edit- New Beauty and Skincare Discoveries

    We all get into a rut with our daily routine and hands up if you been using that same mascara or brow pencil for the last 6 months? *guilty face* ┬áSometimes it’s just nice to introduce new products in your life and recently I have had a good ol’ clear out of the old beauty products I either no longer use or should of been tossed in the trash months ago…I have snapped up a few new products, might not necessarily be new on the market but definitely new in my beauty rotation and I thought you guys might be mildly interested in my picks…

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    #The Edit- Six Favourite Empty Products I’ve Finished & Enjoyed

    Wow! It’s been like forever since I’ve written my last post and yes I am still alive but just busy than ever trying to juggle 544646 things in life! I still love to read blogs and reviews so I wanted to get back on the blogging bandwagon and continue to share my favourites with you guys. I’ve recently finished up some beauty products and before tossing it out I wanted to give it a mention as I really enjoyed using them.

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