#The Edit- 2017 Best of Beauty Products-

    Happy 2018 guys! I hope this year brings you joy and happiness! I wanted to round up some of the best beauty products that I have come across in 2017 from skincare to makeup products. For the past year I have really narrowed down to my essentials and have some firm products I reach for on a daily basis I really wanted to share with you today…

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    #The Edit-December Most Used Beauty Products-

    Oh hey there! I feel like I’ve been so distant from blogging in the past month or so, I’ve had a family emergency so I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past week & work in general has just been super busy leading up to Christmas. Today I thought I thought I’d round up my most used beauty products for this month and I’ve been playing with some great new products from skincare to my everyday makeup stash…

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    #The Edit- Three New Lipsticks On My Radar

    If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I had a clearcut of my makeup stash especially my lipsticks, before I was hoarding around over 80 lipsticks of which some I can’t even remember buying and I moved them from house to house. Anyway the point is I got rid of the majority and only kept my daily favourites and recently I have been filling the gaps with some newness just in time for winter. I always think a lipstick just finishes off the look no matter if it’s a simple everyday makeup or a full on glam evening look. I carry a few different lipsticks with me at all times, a daily everyday shade and a brighter shade for when I need that boost of colour. I have accumulated four new lipsticks which I have been wearing in rotation in the past couple of weeks and I’m so happy these have filled my gap just in time for winter….

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