#The Edit- Addiction with Flannels

So where to start with this? I like flannels or washcloths or whatever you people call it. This is something I use everyday of my life twice a day so I’m always on a hunt for a good quality one. I was using flannels from Primark before as it is dead cheap £1.50 for 3 can’t really go wrong with it. But after using it and washing it several times I find that they got a bit rough on the skin and start tugging the skin so I think it was time to look for something a little better in quality. I come across these ones from John Lewis they are JL brand and in offer for only £1.50 each on clearance. I bought these because I’m a sucker for the pattern and the colour but also they are super soft. 100% cotton and they dry really quick and don’t tug my skin at all. Job done. I have a lot of flannels and like to change them up every other day to keep it hygienic. I have about 20 flannels and they are constantly being washed and used.

So how do I use it? In the morning I wash my face with Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel and wet the flannel under warm water, squeeze out the excess water and go round my face in circular motions to wipe clean. I go round with it the second time to make sure all the face wash is off and my skin is leaving soft and refreshed, as for the evening I usually double cleanse so I remove my makeup using either Coconut oilor Bioderma. I done a whole blog post about my morning and evening skincare routine so if you fancy checking that out. After removing the makeup I go on the cleanse my skin using Creme De la Mer Cleansing oil and do the same and removing it using the same flannel.
As for face masks it’s pretty much the same, I put the mask on leave it for about 10-15 minutes depending on the mask and remove it using the same method. I like to leave the flannel and pat it on my face to really relax and after that it leaves my skin really soft and I think it’s better than just splashing water over your face.

So here’s how I use flannels to take off my face wash and face masks. I hope this was helpful.


Kawai x

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