#The Edit- New Beauty Bits I Snapped Up Recently

I have picked up some new beauty bits recently*Inserts guilty face* as I was running out of some beauty products and also recently Space NK was doing their thing with £15 off a £60 purchase so I decided to replenish come products and take advantage of the offer. I can”t go on about how lucky we are having the weather and it’s been such a crisp autumn so far and I’m definitely embracing the last spots of sunshine. Anyway here’s the latest additions to enter my beauty shelves….

  • May Lindstrom Honey Mud Mask-It’s been a while since I bought a new face mask and I have been looking round but nothing has jumped at me until I heard about this particular one. I have to say this mask is very unique from the texture to the smell to the results I never really experienced anything like this before and I am very impressed. Upon applying this I found the consistency to be fairly sticky due to the honey so first time round I used my mask brush to apply all over and it sort of semi dried up on my face. What I would recommend doing is wearing a headband as it can stick to your hairlines and I left it on for around 15/20 minutes.Upon removal I could see my skin glowing with radiance and my pores seem to have shrunk and I was so pleased. Just a heads up too if you planning on getting this is when you remove it make sure you wet your face first as it can be pretty tough to remove, I usually go ahead and use a hot cloth. I would highly recommend this and just can’t say enough about this, yes it’s pretty pricey but it doubles up as a cleanser too so very multi-use.
  • Another day another candle….I like to burn candles pretty much on an everyday basis and it’s super cosy in the evening too giving that relaxing scent to help you unwind. I recently picked up this Diptyque Ambre Candle to burn nearer the winter time. I usually switch between the Diptyque scents and my favourite been Baies all year round this is definitely a fall scent. The musky amber brings depth and mood to the room and I love these tinted glasses too (they make a great brush holder or pen pot afterwards). This particular scent has notes of patchouli, vetiver, tonka bean and spices making it the best fall scent.
  • Sisley Gentle Face Buffing Cream– I bought this on a whim as I have tried a few Sisley products in the past and enjoyed using them especially their masks. I was on the market for a new exfoliator and thought I try this one, I was drawn to this one as it’s very gentle and during this time of the year my skin tends to be dry and the creamy consistency is great in keeping skin hydrated rather than stripped.  Usually I exfoliate twice/three times a week deepening on how my skin feels and can see myself having this for the next 4/6 months.

So these are some of the new beauty products I snapped up recently from Space NK. Did you take advantage of the offer?

Kawai x



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