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SAM_0357Seriously don’t hate me for this but as I’m getting older I’m starting to get less breakouts and my skin is definitely more balanced and I’m finally starting to get into a routine my skin appreciates. However saying this I do get the occasional breakout usually hormonal or if I’ve been naughty with my diet and munching on one too many packs of Walkers Sensations Sweet Chili (Favorite). I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this particular spot treatment before but on a recent Space NK trip I snapped it up again as I have been without it for a while and kinda missing it so I’m glad to be reunited with it. Anyway let’s cut the chase and let me tell you about this amazing spot treatment.

SAM_0358Malin and Goetz is a brand I’m keen on and my skin really enjoys this brand too and there is certainly a growing collection coming along. This 10% Sulphur Paste I spotted in London Fashion Week a few years ago used by models and then I decided to snap it up and ever since I’ve been hooked. This is a spot treatment that contains sulphur and is intended to be left on the effected area overnight so help kill the bacteria that is causing the spot. If you familiar with this product then it was formally known as Acne Treatment and it works great in my opinion.

The idea of this is great and you take a cotton swab and apply this to the effected area before you go to sleep, grant you look a little weird if you have multiple spots and I do get weird looks from the boyfriend but it works so meh whatever. This sulphur paste paste also contains Zinc Oxide and this helps to heal the spot, minimize breakouts and improve the skin’s clarity.

I am truly hooked on this product and it’s definitely the best spot treatment I have tried on the market, back in the days when I use to suffer from a lot of breakouts I have tried various spot treatments and this is definitely the most effective and fast working product. If you have a angry under the skin breakout this just helps to dry it out and reduce the inflammatory of the spot. I know everyone breaks out once in a while and some even still suffering through Acne so I would really recommend giving this a shot.

Overall I think this is definitely the best spot treatment I have tried and I promise you it works like a dream. Malin and Goetz you have won my heart with this and I would recommend picking up the Vitamin E Moisturizer & The Rum Body Wash is also on my list. ummmmmmmm it’s just so damn good.

Have you tried this yet? You can pick it up Here.

Check out my latest video Here.

Lots of Love.

Kawai x

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