#The Edit- 5 Things To Do When You Feeling Rubbish


It’s January, bitter cold outside and some of you might be experiencing snow too and it’s also the time where everyone get’s ill or just generally feel a little rubbish. We all been there, it’s not nice I know and where I work I see people get ill one after another just like a domino effect. When I’m feeling rubbish there are a few things I do to make sure I’m on top of it, I hope this helps you if you feeling a little rubbish or got a nose like Rudolph.

  1. Try Wearing A Bold Lip– I find this helps a lot and even though you’re not feeling 100% a bold lip will distract people from looking at your red nose and if you pick the right tone and shade it would make you look more perky and brightens up the complexion. My favorite red’s are these Nars Lip Pencils (Majella & Cruella) they are fool proof to apply and the color stays put all day even through meals and constant sips of water.
  2. Blue Eyeliner– This tip works for everyone and you’ll be surprised how alert this makes your eyes look and it just gives the illusion of bigger eyes and less tired. On a day to day basis I like to use brown or a trusty black but when I’m feeling a little meh and rubbish I like to place some navy/midnight blue on the lower lash line and sometimes on the upper lash line. My favorites ones is this Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Blue & also Charlotte Marlene Midnight is super buttery soft and can be smudged out in the evening.
  3. Conceal Where You Need To- When I’m feeling a bit rubbish or got a sniffly nose I like to take a liquid concealer with me on the go because you can conceal any redness after blowing your nose and also still look semi human and not dosed yourself on a pack of Nurofen’s. My go to liquid concealer is this Naked Skin Concealer as you can use it under your eyes and also to conceal redness. It’s a good ‘un.
  4. Keep the Hydration Amped Up– I find that when I’m a little run down you can always tell by my complexion as it tends to look a little dull and dehydrated. Of course I’m pointing out the obvious with drinking more water etc etc, we all know that. I like to take extra care with my skin when I’m feeling rubbish especially on keeping the hydration levels topped up. This is my secret weapon and one of my all time favorite hydration masks, Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. I talked about this a ton before and I love the peachy scent and this can be used as a quick half hour treatment whilst in the bath or slapped on generously in the evening so you wake up to a more glowing/happy complexion.
  5. Take A Relaxing Bath– The fifth and final thing I like to do when I’m feeling sick is run a nice hot bath, this not only helps to relax you but I find it helps clear my head+ sinuses and have a good night sleep. Now there are a few bath products I really rate but I always go back to this Aroma Therapy Assosiate Revive Bath/Shower Oil as you only need about 3 drops and the scent lingers round the bathroom and instantly clears my head. Another favorite one is the Support Lavender and Peppermint which just sends me straight to sleep afterwards. These oils are the bomb whenever I’m feeling a little sick or just stressed.

I hope these tips and tricks are useful for those suffering from the after Christmas cold/flu. Get well soon!

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Lots of Love.

Kawai x

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