#The Edit- Top Three Tips to Stay Positive in January

A bit of a different post today, not your standard beauty one but I thought today I’d touch up on some small things that makes a huge difference in your day to day life. Everyone has those days where you feel a little down, like me for example yesterday I had a bad day where you just feel a little poop and just feel like January lasts forever. Here are my top 3 tips to keep myself positive and motivated and I hope this is helpful.

1) Tidy Tidy Tidy- I am a pretty organised person when it comes to things, I like to know where things are and keep things tidy and neat. This way it keeps me happy and it’s quicker and easier to pick up what you looking for in the morning and of course who wants to come home to a messy place? Be ruthless and throw out things you don’t use anymore, have a good clear out. It’s like taking a little bit of weight off you once your place is clutter free. I also like to keep my makeup storage neat and tidy, I use clear acrylic drawers from muji and keep things in categories. Give it a go.

2) Exercise and getting back into a routine- it’s time to get back into shape after all the extra boxes of chocolate during holiday season and if you not a gym gal then try to do some simple sit ups at home, break a sweat and you’ll feel much better. Also getting back into a routine whether it’s a skincare routine, fitness routine and it gets you back on track and keep you motivated. I also find going to the supermarket and doing a big shop with healthy foods is really useful and if you eat better then you’ll feel better right? 

3) Adding some life back into your place- I love plants and flowers, I think they really brighten up your mood and livens up your place. January is usually pretty drab so pick up a plant or some fresh flowers and it would really liven up your mood, well it does for me anyway. If you not a gardening gal like me then pick up something simple that you have to water twice a week, adding some greenery is all good. 

So I know this is short and a little random but I find these things have really helped me stay positive this month and I hope January is a good start to the new year for you. We nearly through it! 

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