#The Edit- Recent Beauty Repurchases

Happy Friday everyone! In the last couple of months I have been consistently trying to use up some of my beauty products that were gathering in the beauty cupboards and although I try a lot of beauty products there are some I like more than others. I wanted to show you guys some things I have recently added back into my stash in the last couple of weeks including some staple items I would recommend.

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    #The Foodie- Dish Of The Week #1

    I have to admit I’m a foodie at heart and having following numerous food blogs and on Instagram I have been inspired to write a “what I been eating” sort of series, not sure how long I’ll be doing this but over the last couple of months I feel like I have been inspired to do something. Anyway I thought it’ll be merely interesting and of course something different from my usual posts. I wanted to pick one dish that was the highlight of my week and I always try to document food pictures as it reminds me how good/bad it was and/or how to improve on it next time….I hope this inspires some of you terms of cooking, it’s actually a lot of fun (if you into it) and myself personally I really like cooking and experimenting. I admit it can get pretty tough when we’re both working but it adds some flavour into your everyday life and actually something to look forward to in the evening or on your days off…

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