#The Edit- Three New Lipsticks On My Radar

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I had a clearcut of my makeup stash especially my lipsticks, before I was hoarding around over 80 lipsticks of which some I can’t even remember buying and I moved them from house to house. Anyway the point is I got rid of the majority and only kept my daily favourites and recently I have been filling the gaps with some newness just in time for winter. I always think a lipstick just finishes off the look no matter if it’s a simple everyday makeup or a full on glam evening look. I carry a few different lipsticks with me at all times, a daily everyday shade and a brighter shade for when I need that boost of colour. I have accumulated four new lipsticks which I have been wearing in rotation in the past couple of weeks and I’m so happy these have filled my gap just in time for winter….

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    #The Review- Celine Micro Belt Bag Review

    Oh my days it’s been such a long time since I splurged on a designer bag, I mean don’t get me wrong I have been looking for a while but just haven’t come across one that I have fallen in love with. When I buy a bag I always look at a few criteria’s such as the style/size and practicality. In the last year I have been into smaller bags and being able to limit myself to only taking the essentials has really changed my lifestyle. I want to write up this blog post giving you guys a lowdown on my new favourite bag.

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    #The Edit- New Beauty Purchases Trialed & Tested

    Hello! Well it’s been such a long while since I’ve last blogged, to be fair I have attempted a few times but just couldn’t. Last week I had a family emergency so I took a week off work and flew back to Hong Kong. To be quite honest with you I’m feeling a little jet lagged and overworked as I came straight back to work when I landed. Aside from eating, passing out in the evening and working in the day I haven’t even had time for anything!

    Anyway, in the past couple of weeks I snapped up a few new beauty bits I’ve been playing and testing and I would definitely recommend these to add to your daily routine.

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