#The Edit- My Makeup On The Go

We all get days where we think we have a lot of time and can press that snooze button one more time and then when you next look you only got 30 minutes to do everything! I think over the past year I have mastered getting ready in a hurry and spend my morning commute finishing off my makeup look. Of course if you get up earlier it won’t be a problem but sometimes it makes you think on the spot in terms of application and what products you use so this is my go to look for when I’m in a hurry.

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    #The Edit- A Few Days In Venice, Lifestyle Post

    I have never done a travel guide before and I wouldn’t say I am a travel expert but recently I have taken a short family vacation to Venice and I have completely fallen in love with the city itself. I wanted to put together a few of my recommendations and things to do and places I recommend eating.

    Venice is very easy to get to from Marco Polo airport and you can either take the water taxi or a local bus which takes around 20/30 minutes and they are very frequent too. We took the local bus which took us around 30 minutes and having never been to the city before we were really just relying on google maps and it was a complete surprise to us what it’ll be like. Read more